White Seagulls is the inspiration of a Swiss man and a Greek lady, both in love with Greece and the Greek spirit ! Sharing their experience and helping both owners and visitors is the goal they did set for themselves, hoping to make people fall in love with Greece and its quality of life !


Our goal, helping the owners rent their property, help visitors enjoy their holiday!

Our goal is to advise local owners and help them rent their villas . Since the economic crisis that Greece is facing, many are in difficult economical situations. And many  have no other choice that to sell the villa they own, sometimes for generations. We believe that with our support, they will be able to rent those places and get enough money, not only to keep them, but also maintain them. We believe in the Greek patrimony, it's charm, and beauty, and want to keep it as it is, for the forthcoming generations.

We also want to support those who, from foreign countries, invested in Greece. Those who love this country, who want to maintain its magnificent villas and traditional houses alive. By renting those places while the owner is away, we will not only help them to generate a return on the investment, but also keep those places alive.

Our philosophy, sharing

Our philosophy is to help both owners and vacationers  have the best experience possible!

We advise owners on how to best improve their properties to welcome people. We help vacationers to find out the best options for their stay in Greece, and advise them on what are the best activities around their vacation location. We also would like to promote the Greek islands, outside of the summer vacation period, and organize different types of activities for groups. Ultimately, we would like you to fall in love with this beautiful country and its people, as we are. We want you to feel and experience the greek "philoxenia", and enjoy your stay and discoveries.

Our pleasure, your pleasure

We want you to enjoy your stay, this is why we do select only villas and owners we like and appreciate. But your vacation wishes are important to us too and we are here to support you. This is why we are collaborating with a larges network of villas to rent, in Greece, to make sure we have enough choice to answer your request for the most enjoyable vacations!