White Seagulls offers additionnal services to facilitate the life of our guests as well as our partners'.

A picture is worth a thousand words !

At White Seagulls we strongly believe in this famous expression ! This is the reason we want the best pictures of your villa. Don't worry if you don't have nice ones though. We do offer professionnal shooting for your house and will take the best ones to advertise your property.

Not a customer of us, but you like our photographies ? We do offer a photoshooting service. Feel free to contact us to know more about this service.

Travelling in a country you don't know is not alway easy... Choosing the right place to stay, understanding what you can do when you are there, organizing your trip...

At White Seagulls, we can  accompany you into your journey. We want to ensure that your time in Greece will  remain unforgettable and that you will fall in love with this country as we did. This is why we can help you organize your trip, help you choose the right place to stay. With our selection of houses, we can certainly find the place of your dreams, this particular spot you and your family will enjoy.

Don't hesitate anymore, contact us, tell us what you are looking for ! We can help you :

  • Find the most efficient itinerary for your trip
  • Find the house that will welcome your large family
  • Find activities that interest you

Greece is a unique destination for your summer holidays. But do you know how green are the islands in Spring, how sunny and cristal clear can be winter days on the islands ? Did you ever experience its warm waters on an autumn day ? 

At White Seagulls, we would like  you to discover the country differently. We suggest different activities outside the summer period, for you to discover the country and the islands under a different angle. So many beautiful places to discover, all peaceful, quiet, magical and we would love to share them with you ! We do organize activities such as :

  • Photography
  • Wellness
  • Events
  • Trecking

Following our blog and our social network sites will keep you up to date with our offering.

You are not finding an activity that interests you ? Share with us you ideal one ? Who knows, maybe it will be our top activity in the future ! We are always open to good suggestions !

You own a villa in Greece and want to generate a return on your investment ? 

You own a family house and want to find a way to keep it and maintain it ?

Turn your property into a stable revenue source without the burden of managing rental process on your own ?

We support you in finding the best options available for you. What do you need to do in order to put it on the market ? What will be the correct price for it ? What are the prices of the houses around yours ? We want you to identify the best options for your property. White Seagulls will support you in the rental process.