After a week-end visiting several Villas published by now, Monday was devoted to do some shopping for my lovely partner's house, in Kea. We decided to come back home driving through the north of the island. To keep memory of this journey, I took with me both my Fuji cameras, X-T1 and X-Pro2, coupled with some nice Fuji lenses. 

We started with a visit to the monastery of Panagia Kastriani (Virgin Marie). This monastery has been founded around 1700 AD. The story tells us that some shepherds saw a glow in the steep rock where the Monastery is now build. Approaching the glow and digging, they found the sacred icon of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. They started building the monastery a bit further away, but every morning, they saw the previous day construction work demolished and the tools moved to the actual position of the church, where they found the icon.
After the visit, we took the road, direction the beach of Spati, which I had never seen before. What a road, but even more, what a landscape! The view is breathtaking, but you really need to be careful where you drive. This is a dirt road, that goes along the cost and take you from the 300 meters’ altitude it starts, down to the beach.

Reaching the beach, we realized that we had to move back the same way. In the alternative road was under some consolidation work and cannot be taken until everything is fixed... So, we drove back to end our journey in Koudouros, that we will have to leave tomorrow, unfortunately. The Cyclades are getting fabulous in spring, and I hope to be able to come back quickly, to enjoy the spring flowers and green grass everywhere!